Monday, 20 April 2015

Buy Handmade | Skincare Products

Deciding to buy handmade skincare products is possibly a decision that most people would decide not to take. Opting for a well-known, tried & testing brand seems like the safer option - after all, we want to know what it is we are putting on our bodies don't we? Which kinds of animals they have tested on... Which kinds of can't-even-pronounce-chemicals we are bathing our faces in... Oh wait.

When we pick up a body lotion in the supermarket, we might look at whether it is 'moisturising' or 'non-greasy', but how often do you turn it over and look at the list of ingredients? What kinds of parabens and SLES are secretly hidden in there?

So many 'handmade' companies out there are proudly using 100% natural ingredients to create their skincare products, keeping their ingredients list to a minimum and being totally transparent about what they do use. What could be better for your skin than pure essential oils and natural waxes? Maybe buying handmade skincare products isn't such a risk after all?

Here are some lovely companies that do just that:

Quintessentially English

Ma Bicyclette - Buy Handmade - Beauty - Quintessentially English

Quintessentially English is owned by Jacqui, she has a passion for soap, but it's not just soaps they make, they stock all kinds of luxorious toiletries to treat your body from your head, right down to the tips of your toes. Everything they make is as pure as nature intended, using the finest sustainable organic oils, beeswax, herbal infusions and 100% essential oils.

Earthbound Organics

Ma Bicyclette - Buy Handmade - Beauty - Earthbound

Wales based company 'Earthbound Organics' create natural products such as face creams, body oils and toners with most of their ingredients certified organic, and everything completely natural (some even handpicked from the hedgerows in the Welsh countryside!) - Their philosophy is that what we put onto our skin will be absorbed into our bodies, so it should be as pure and natural as possible.

Pure Organics

Ma Bicyclette - Buy Handmade - Beauty - Pure Organics

Pure Organics mission is to offer a range of natural and affordable skincare products. They keep their packaging as eco-friendly as they can and never ever test on animals. Everything is handmade in Cornwall, with no nasties added!

Lots Of Love Always

'Lots of Love Always' create absolutely beautiful soaps and bath bombs which literally look good enough to eat! The business came about when the owner was looking for more natural alternitives for her own skin care. She made her first lip balm using raw honey and beeswax from her father-in-law's beehives, and the business was born!

Skinny Dip Skincare

Ash and Emma set up 'Skinny Dip' when trying to find a remedy for their daughter's eczema. After reading the baffling list of ingredients in the creams they had tried, they set out to make their own, leaving out all the rubbish and cramming in as much organic and natural goodness as possible and hey presto it worked! Sensitive skin became a thing of the past!

Steph H

Monday, 13 April 2015

Self Employed | Style Sheets For Your Business

If you have been following our recent blog posts on getting starting as an independent business, then you should generally have an idea about what is needed to get going and keep going in the current crafty marketplace.

Ma Bicyclette: Self Employed | Style Sheets For Your Business

What I would like to help you with today is your business in Style Sheet form! This can be anything from your logo design, to your colour choices, fonts and icons. What I want to do here is help you get an idea of styles and themes that you like before you just jump right in and get a logo made up… It is very important to think about how you want to portray yourself as a business and what you believe reflects your overall objective.

Let's Get Inspired

If you haven’t set yourself up a business Pinterest account yet (see here for our post on the importance of social media) then I suggest you do so immediately! Start by getting a board together of images and ideas you like and think about what would suit your business (anything from photos to logos to colour combinations...)

Here are a couple idea ‘pinboards’ of my own to give you an idea of themes and styles.

The first is based on a ‘Natural and Rustic’ idea, which would be ideal for a gardening or more ‘natural’ based business like holistic therapies or florists.

Ma Bicyclette: Self Employed | Style Sheets For Your Business

Then we have a ‘pretty brights’ board which is a lot more colourful and punchy.

Ma Bicyclette: Self Employed | Style Sheets For Your Business

This would be great for a number of businesses, including baking, handmade or vintage related ones that may want to appeal more to a younger or generally more feminine audience.

Style Sheets For Business

Once you have an idea of themes you like, it’s time to get a style sheet board together for your own business!

You can even search ‘Style Sheet’ on Pinterest first to get an idea of what is usually needed. Here is another example of my own style sheet for my ‘Create Yourself’ branding business to help:

Ma Bicyclette: Self Employed | Style Sheets For Your Business - Create Yourself Branding

After the logo, the main focus is on a general colour scheme (which as you may tell I struggled to whittle down!) The fonts, icons and even the patterns will all be used on website, social media and marketing stationery so it is handy to have these images stored in PNG form ready to use and overlay on any images you need.

For great free fonts Da Font has some super trendy and easy to download styles which you can just open with your design programme if you have one! Be aware of the font artist and their time though and only use the fonts that say you are welcome to use them for more than just personal use.

I am aware that not everyone will have a logo and matching icons made up yet, and if you don't think you have the skill to do it yourself, Project Black offer branding starting at just £100!

But for now, here’s to a bright and colourful branding journey!

Steph B

Buy Handmade | Ceramics

I always used to think that ceramics and pottery were boring. In school and college, every ceramics class seemed to end in a mess of clay-smeared aprons and a collection of wobbly, knobbly pots, and inevitably one disheartened student whose work had exploded in the kiln...

More recently though, my eyes have been opened up to the beautiful and often very non-boring creations that ceramicists come up with. If you too have preconceptions of ceramics being boring or ugly, let me show you some examples that will hopefully change your mind!

 Ma Bicyclette - Buy Handmade - Ceramics - Marinski Handmades - Fox Cups  Ma Bicyclette - Buy Handmade - Ceramics - Marinski Handmades - Set of 3  Ma Bicyclette - Buy Handmade - Ceramics - Marinski Handmades - Yellow Planter

Marina Marinski is a Croatian ceramicist who combines both pottery and illustration to breath life into her work through the use of vibrant colours and child-like playfulness. Her collection of bowls, cups and planters are so fun, I love them.

Fox Cups - Set of 2 - £27.57 | Face Bowls - Set of 3 - £62.04 | Yellow Planter - £22.06

Ma Bicyclette - Buy Handmade - Ceramics - ONEandMANY - Ceramic Jar  Ma Bicyclette - Buy Handmade - Ceramics - ONEandMANY - Marble Bowl  Ma Bicyclette - Buy Handmade - Ceramics - ONEandMANY - Three Colours Bowl

The work of industrial design studio ONE and MANY has a much more sophisticated pallet of greys, whites and blues. Their pleasing forms and interestesting yet stylish use of glazes creates a beautiful collection of pieces which are all so different, yet sit together perfectly.

Small ceramic jar - £18.61 | Marble Bowl - £34.47 | Three Colours Bowl - £27.57

Ma Bicyclette - Buy Handmade - Ceramics - Shade on Shape - 3 Pastel Vases  Ma Bicyclette - Buy Handmade - Ceramics - Shade on Shape - 3 Vases  Ma Bicyclette - Buy Handmade - Ceramics - Shade on Shape - Neon Vases

These fun, stripey vases from Shade of Shape are a unique way of giving any living or working space a modern feel. Owner and designer Sonia Jaks creates these sets of vases as a way to preserve her favorite colour combinations, and what lovely colour combinations they are!

Set of 3 vases - £51.70 | Set of 2 vases - £34.47

Ma Bicyclette - Buy Handmade - Ceramics - Baskakova - Ceramic Pendant  Ma Bicyclette - Buy Handmade - Ceramics - Baskakova - Cereal Bowl  Ma Bicyclette - Buy Handmade - Ceramics - Baskakova - Porcelain Cup

Anna Baskakova designs and makes her ceramics in London, and is one of the founding members of the Ceramics Studio Co-Op - An artist-run, ceramics, art and sculpture studio in West London. Anna has worked on a range of projects and exhibitions, and you can own a piece of her beautiful work for as little as eight pounds!

Ceramic pendant - £8 | Polka-dot cereal bowl - £21 | Porcelain cup - £10

Ma Bicyclette - Buy Handmade - Ceramics - Jill Shaddock - Mini Row  Ma Bicyclette - Buy Handmade - Ceramics - Jill Shaddock - Mini Row  Ma Bicyclette - Buy Handmade - Ceramics - Jill Shaddock - Mini Row

Jill Shaddock is a West Yorkshire based artist whose work I first saw shortly after she graduated from Manchester School of Art, when we were both exhibiting at one of the Little Northern craft fairs. Her beautifully slip cast ceramics are so intricate, yet simple, and her colour choices are right up my street!

Tower vase - £50 | Tiny shallow vessels - £20 | Mini row - £95

Steph H

Positive Thinking | How To Stay Positive When Working From Home - With Free Printable!

Those of us who work from home, will know that whilst everyone assumes you sit there watching Friends re-runs and wearing slipper socks all day - that this is actually not the case at all (well, for the most part anyway!)
Working for yourself might mean you can slide out of bed at 8.45 and into your desk chair for 9am (oh yes!) BUT as with life, the highs always come with the lows and I am here to help you rise above the minor negative thoughts that can occur when you run your own business or just work from home every now and then, so we can all keep a positive mental attitude and be generally fabulous people…

You feel lonely and a tad bit crazy

When you are alone by yourself for long periods of time throughout the day, you can become a bit insular. Not everyone can mind, but my experience from setting up my own business means that I had to become my own boss, work colleague, accountant and even after-hours cleaner. This made my ‘work parties’ slightly weird, and my daily conversation very limited (although not completely non-existent!)

Ma Bicyclette: Positive Thinking | How To Stay Positive When Working From Home

You have to be a certain type of person to be able to set up your own business (not everyone does it remember!) or even to work from home as a freelancer. I would try to embrace the wierdness and look at it as you are working with the best person you can, to help get your business and quality of work to where it needs to be! Only you will have the passion and drive to get it going… so listen to yourself and enjoy these moments alone, because when you are super successful you will be grateful for all the help you gave yourself.

There aren’t enough hours in the day!

I constantly feel like time passes by so fast during my working day, and whilst I may get up with the best intentions to get everything done, this obviously isn’t always the case. This is because whilst my boyfriend may be able to get up and just go straight out to work for the day, I have to get up, clean up the bomb that seems to have hit my living room/kitchen/everywhere, then take the dogs on a big walk before I can even sit down and read my emails.

Ma Bicyclette: Positive Thinking | How To Stay Positive When Working From Home

Instead of seeing these as extra stresses that I can’t avoid when working from my living room, I actually look at them as more perks of the job (like I get to spend all this extra time with my doggies!) It may be a bit irritating that you become the ‘someone at home’ for when your neighbours are having an urgent Amazon delivery and it needs collecting, but all it takes is just a bit of organisation and separation.

  • Try and make sure your work times are for actual work. Set specific hours to work, and to break from it.
  • If you find your partner/room mate comes home from their job and wants to unload their day on you whilst you are still working, be honest! Say 'I am still working but I will catch up with you properly when I'm done.’ Just because you work whenever you like doesn’t make it any less important than everyone else's jobs! 
  • Setting up your own business does take more time then people think, so accept that and make sure the people you live with understand why that is.
  • Remain calm, be patient and remember what you are doing it for!
You have moments when you think 'I'm not good enough'!

If you are doing work that is quite close to your heart, and it doesn't take off and instantly make you a millionaire, then you can often feel like you are failing. Trust me though, you could be the most amazing artist ever but if you have a poor business plan you are never going to get quite as far as you thought. It is just about finding the balance between doing what you love, but also keeping the business cogs turning! It's the same for being a freelancer - the work won't necessarily come to you, you need a strategy to be able to hunt down work too!

Set yourself a realistic business plan and then try to stick to it as best you can, what more can you do hey? Be honest with yourself but don’t be hard on yourself as that is good for no one!

Ma Bicyclette: Positive Thinking | How To Stay Positive When Working From Home

To help get you organised and positive I have even offered you a free ‘daily to do’ printable here. Print it, use it, and remember to be the best version of yourself that you can be!

Let’s face it, in all honesty, working for yourself may be harder and more stressful than some jobs, but we can handle it right? If you're ever having one of ‘those days’ at home, nip to your local cafe and do some computer work there instead, or log onto a small business network and share your worries with like minded people (remember you 're not alone!)

All in all you're doing what you love and that’s what matters!

So let go of unnecessary stresses, stay organised and try and see the positives in every situation… You can only do your best, and that is good enough!

Steph B

Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Self Employed | What To Do Now That You Have An Online Shop

Hopefully you're well on the way to running your own shop. Maybe you've had a shop for a while now, or maybe you've been following our posts on how to get started -

What To Think About Before You Sell Online 
Professional Photographs of Your Own Products
Setting Up Your Online Shop

Either way, the work doesn't stop here. Now you have a shop full of beautiful products it's time to keep those cogs turning smoothly. Here are some tips!

Ma Bicyclette: Self Employed | What To Do Now That You Have An Online Shop

Once You Are Up and Running

It's time to get super organised. Everybody has their own way of doing it, whether it's an excel spreadsheet or a physical folder of beautifully designed order tracking sheets, it's a must for any seller! Here are a few things you need to keep track of on a daily basis -
  • For each order, you should save the customer name and address, items they've bought, date of order and price.
  • Next to each order you should have 2 sections to tick off - dispatched and alert customer of dispatch.
  • Everything you spend on the business should be recorded, this is really important as this can be offset against your tax. Stationery, jiffy bags, ink cartridges, whatever you use, pop it on your list and keep the receipt.
Social Media & Promotion 

Social media is the most important way to maximise sales – either paid or organic. Don't jump straight into it, creating accounts for every single social channel. Here are a few social channels that you must have, anything extra depends on how much time you have available to spend on it.
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
Daily updates are the best way to get your posts in front of your audience, but if you're struggling for content ideas, do not fall into the trap of posting the first thing you think of. A bad image on Instagram can mean the loss of customers, a last minute post on Facebook can mean a drop in engagement which actually has a knock on effect on every post that follows.

Ma Bicyclette: Self Employed | What To Do Now That You Have An Online Shop

Social media content strategies take just as much time as branding your whole company. Everything you post, whether it's written content or images, should be in line with your branding. Here are a few tips to get started.
  • Create a content plan and calendar for each social channel.
  • Plan your content a week ahead of schedule.
  • Set targets and goals for specific dates.
  • Be aware of all national holidays and create content that fits in with that - Christmas, Mother's Day, Easter etc.
  • Create templates and guidelines for content style.
Social media is a great way to find like minded individuals. Don't be afraid to interact with other sellers, and potential buyers. Be kind and share other people's work too - just as long as they're not a direct competitor. Make friends and get involved in online selling communities like your local Etsy group.

Email Marketing

Think about how many shops email you every day. How many of those emails do you click through, even when you weren't planning on buying anything?
The thing with individual sellers is people who buy from you can be much more loyal with you than they are with big companies. Why? Because they know who made the item, they know how much love and care you've put into each item, and most importantly they want to support you! Here are a few tips to get started with email marketing - 
  • Set up an account with Mailchimp or Active Campaign.
  • Spend a few hours designing the perfect template that you can drop information, images and links in to easily.
  • After every sale, message your customer with a link to join your mailing list.
  • Have an option to join your mailing list on your seller page.
  • Remind people on social that they can join your mailing list.
  • Send regular emails, whether they're weekly or monthly.
  • Like Social Media, don't rush into posting emails, plan the best content possible so you don't lose subscribers!
Emails are the best way to push your items infront of people who have already bought an item from you, or are considering doing in the future. 

Ma Bicyclette: Self Employed | What To Do Now That You Have An Online Shop - Project Black

If you need help with Social Media or Email Marketing, well you're in luck! Nicola runs her own company - Project Black - which is affordable and will help take a big weight off your shoulders so you can concentrate on your products and customers!

Customer Service

Even once your customer has handed over their money, it is still important to keep them happy! Returning customers is the ideal. A happy customer is a lot more likely to Tweet or Instagram their purchase. Their feedback is also important to distill trust for future buyers. Here are a few tips to create the best after sale experience for your customer -
  • Reply to emails and questions promptly, be friendly but professional.
  • Package nicely and carefully. It shows that you really care about your business. Make sure everything is safe from clumsy postmen.
  • Follow up after a sale to see if they're happy.
  • Search for hashtags and keep an eye on any posts they've tagged your shop in. Whether positive or negative, always reply. Be visible!

We hope this helps you on your way to online selling success! If you have any questions about setting up shop, don't be afraid to tweet the Bicyclette Gang! If you're interested in hearing more about how Nicola can help you with Social Media, drop her an email at

Steph H, Steph B & Nicola

Friday, 3 April 2015

Places To Visit In Yorkshire | RADSTUDIO!

Ma Bicyclette: Places To Visit In Yorkshire | RADSTUDIO!

Saltaire is a Victorian industrial village in the heart of Bradford. It oozes beauty and charm, but most importantly is a great day out for you creative sort! There are plenty of places to visit to get your fill of art, books, music, beer, or food, but one shop we really love offers modern, fun and functional gifts and homeware, and it goes by the name of RADSTUDIO!

Ma Bicyclette: Places To Visit In Yorkshire | RADSTUDIO!

Each item is carefully selected from inspiring designers all over the world, and I'd find it hard to believe it if you went there and didn't find something you loved!

Ma Bicyclette: Places To Visit In Yorkshire | RADSTUDIO!

Ma Bicyclette: Places To Visit In Yorkshire | RADSTUDIO!

So, whether you're in need of some retail therapy, or will find any excuse to fill your bag with beautifully designed goodies, RADSTUDIO is a must-visit! In fact, I think I really need some new washi tape and notebooks...

Ma Bicyclette: Places To Visit In Yorkshire | RADSTUDIO!
2 Victoria Road,
West Yorkshire,
BD18 3LA

Opening Times
Wednesday - Saturday: 10am - 6pm
Sunday: 11am - 5pm


Monday, 16 March 2015

Places To Visit In Manchester | Magma

Northern Quarter, in particular Oldham Street, is a haven for creative people. Whether you're stocking up on fabrics and sewing materials, in need of a music fix or looking for reading material, Oldham Street is a great place to start.

Ma Bicyclette: Places To Visit In Manchester | Magma

Magma, is situated nearer to the Piccadilly Gardens end of Oldham Street, inbetween Night & Day (a music venue) and Thunderegg (a fashion boutique) and is your go-to shop for creative books, magazines and prints.
Ma Bicyclette: Places To Visit In Manchester | Magma

When you have one of the best Waterstones in your city, it's hard to believe that you could fulfil your nonfiction needs anywhere else, but the fact is that Waterstones is a corporate business and with that comes their need to stock in every genre and topic, with an evident focus on fiction and cookery books. Even Deansgate Waterstones (the better of the two open in Manchester) has a creative book section that leaves a lot to be desired. But alas, Magma is our saviour, or more specifically a saviour to Fashionistas, Designers, Film Lovers and Writers.

As you enter Magma, on the right you will find a dreamy display of film magazines and writing practice books (they stock Little White Lies - woo!), bicycle books (they stock the Rapha City Cycling Guides and many other bike fancies) and

As you move further along into the shop, on the left you'll see all the current theory and practice nonfiction books for all types of creatives. This is a great place to shop if you've currently changed job roles, you need to shake up your brain a bit and get inspired.

Ma Bicyclette: Places To Visit In Manchester | Magma

On the right are little home trinkets by modern designers - tea towels, mugs etc - and more magazines, specifically of the fashion kind. This is the section that really impresses me. Most newsagents of the oast few years have extended the magazines they offer from Hello and OK! to Porter and but they're pretty slow on the uptake and only stock magazines that have a pretty big financial backing. Magma not only stock new, exciting fashion magazines, but they also sell independent magazines like Lionheart. To my knowledge, they did this before any other company (correct me if I'm wrong).

22 Oldham Street
Northern Quarter
Manchester M1 1JN
T +44 (0)161 236 8777

Opening Times
Mon-Sat: 10am - 6.30pm
Sun: 12am - 5pm

Thursday, 5 March 2015

Self Employed | Setting Up Your Online Shop

Hopefully, after reading our post on what to think about before you sell online, you're well on your way to creating your brand identity, products and setting your pricing structure. So now, what's next? You've got everything you need to dive right in, but wait, don't rush in to it! We have a few guidelines to help you do it right first time round!

Setting Up Your Shop

Choosing the website to sell your products on can take some serious thinking, so here's a list so you can get thinking about which is right for you.

Ma Bicyclette: Self Employed | Setting Up Your Online Shop
Own Domain

To set up a shop on a new domain with your own branded website is a big leap. Now, we won't say don't do it - we'd never say that - but there are a few things to consider, which will help you figure out if it's a smart move for you.
  • Do you have a well known blog or Instagram account? We're talking thousands of followers or views per day.
  • Are you willing to put a lot of time into marketing - daily posts on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest?
  • Do you know basic SEO to get your site seen organically?
Yes to all? OK, you seem confident enough, we'll leave you to it. But seriously, think about this honestly and if you don't have the time to put the work in choose one of the shops below!

Big Cartel

Bigcartel is a really versatile shop front that allows you to choose different layouts and fully customise the fonts and colour schemes, so you can really personalise it. Perfect for if you want to add a 'shop' section to your personal website but don't have e-commerce. The downside is that it's fairly difficult to browse through Bigcartel. People are unlikely to stumble across you, but if you are able to direct people to your shop through either your website, or social media accounts, it is a really good and affordable option.
  • Having a shop – Free to £19.70 
  • Listing an item – Free (up to 5 items)
  • Selling an item – Free 
  • Direct payment to bank account (via Stripe) – 2.9% + 20p 
  • Payment to Paypal - 3.4% + 20p


Etsy is one of the most well known websites to buy and sell handmade and vintage items. It has a real community which will support you as you begin your new, exciting adventure. Bicyclette: Self Employed | Setting Up Your Online Shop - Oh Botherp/OhBotherDesign

 There will likely be a Etsy community wherever you live that meet up - if not, look for surrounding cities because these are a great way to meet other sellers to swap hints and tips! You're all in it together, remember, as much as you may be competing you can always help each other out.
  • Free to join.
  • 13p to list a single item.
  • You pay Etsy 3.5% commission on each item that sells.
  • Direct payment to bank account - 4% + 20p 
  • Payment to Paypal - 3.4% + 20p
  • Anyone can create treasuries, which are essentially collections of specific items that fall into the same theme. This can lift views and lead to new sales!

Folksy is similar to Etsy, the major difference is it's just UK sellers. This makes pricing your postage relatively easy, as opposed to having seperate prices for different areas of the world! The community isn't as strong as Etsy, and you'll find the website isn't as advanced - but it's definitely worth having it as an extra on the side of Etsy! Just make sure you keep up with orders on both.
  • Free to join.
  • 18p to list a single item.
  • You pay Folksy 17.2% commission on each item that sells.
  • Direct payment to bank account – not available 
  • Payment to Paypal - 3.4% + 20p 

You may think 'huh, ebay? isn't that just for secondhand items?' but you'll be surprised. A lot of sellers make a living from Ebay, including people who sell supplies and vintage items. Millions of people use ebay everyday, and it can bring a different customer, someone who had not previously considered buying handmade. Although, they are often looking for a bargain, so stick your guns when it comes to your prices!
  • Free to join.
  • Having a shop – £17.38 to £217.38, although you can list items without having a shop front.
  • Listing an item – Varies from free to 26p, depending on your shop level, the type of item and the quantity.
  • Selling an item – 7% to 9.6%, depending on the item category. 
  • Direct payment to bank account – not available. 
  • Payment to Paypal - 3.4% + 20p

Not On The High Street

Not on the High Street is one of the biggest online handmade markets there is, and it keeps getting bigger! Although it may seem like a big investment, most sellers will make there money back within a few months, depending on how popular their products are. They are a Worldwide company and seem to be expanding and expanding! The rules are a lot more strict than other shops, so setting up items to sell can take a bit longer if something is misspelled or photographed poorly.

Ma Bicyclette: Self Employed | Setting Up Your Online Shop - Felt Mountain Studios 
Once you're accepted to sell on Not On The High Street you need to work at being one of the better sellers as sellers may get lost if they are not featured regularly. The technical support, although thorough and tough at times, are always on hand and friendly, and really care about their sellers.
  • £238.80 joining fee.
  • Listing an item is free.
  • They select which shops can sell with them, you can't just automatically set up shop.
  • You pay 30% commission for every item that sells.
  • They have TV adverts that are seen by millions.
  • They provide brochures to buyers with a variety of sellers.
  • They send sellers regular emails with new trends and hints & tips to get organised.
  • Direct payment to bank account – Free
Listing Your Products

Listing your products can be the longest process and one that you have to keep updating to optimise your sales. 
  • Start off with no less than 12 products, and add/replace at least 2 more every month. 
  • If you find that profits are dropping, use your time wisely and create new products with the hope that one of them is your next big seller. 
  • Think strategically and realistically. Look at what is selling and create similar items - don't stick to your guns if your favourite items aren't selling - this is just you being stubborn, not 'realising your dreams'.
Optimising Your Product Listings

There are a number of things you should keep in mind:
  • Titles and tags are incredibly important - think of everything you would search for to find the item you're listing and include every word in your tags.
  • Pictures are what make you stand out from the crowd, especially on websites like Etsy where a lot of items may pop up from a search. Read our post Professional Photographs of Your Own Products to get the most out of your product photography.
  • Your description is your chance to shine. Make sure they're informative and answer any questions the buyer might have. Be honest and include size and materials. Remind them why they are buying from you and not from a high street shop. Tell them a story and let them enjoy making the purchase.

We hope this helps with setting up your shop! If you have any questions just comment below or over on social. We're always happy to have a chat! Otherwise, keep an eye out on our whole Self Employed series, to help you on your way!

Steph B, Steph H & Nicola